What I have learned about Introverts!

All MCHG General Managers recently viewed a Ted Talk and articulated it’s meaning to all of us.  Gordon Clark was chosen by his peers to have had the best presentation.  Susan Cain spoke on The Power of Introverts, and Gordon captured the crowd’s attention when he shared what it was like growing up as an introvert. This TED Talk made him realize he wasn’t weird or wrong, he just did things differently than extroverts.  I heard him talking to Dayna (another introvert), and she said he brought her to tears because she, too, had felt that way.

ImageNow Sean, the ultimate extrovert, learned a valuable lesson.  Utilizing people for their strengths, and not letting my style overshadow theirs, is important.  Just think, what if we had only been looking for extroverts 25 years ago when these two introverts joined our team?  They have quietly coached, counseled and lead thousands of associates in the past 25 years, many of whom have become MCHG Leaders.

Question to ask ourselves when we interview new candidates. Are we looking at our interviewees as people first? Or are we looking to see if they are an outgoing “people person”?  Can we get by the nose ring or tattoo? (BTW, Gordon had neither.)

I encourage every introvert and extrovert to listen to The Power of Introverts.  Gordon, Dayna and Susan Cain have opened my eyes. Thank you!  P.S. No need to go to the next networking event. I got this! You just be the leaders you are!