Words to show you are not a Millennial….

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I retweeted an article this morning called: “8 words that totally reveal you are not a millennial.” (as if these pictures don’t give it away!)

Image 4They were… totally, bummer, sweet, downer, cool, right, awesome, bonus.  Now I am totally guilty of this and realize I am not cool. What a bummer!  But I did get a response from one of my leaders who asked what words we are supposed to use.  Quickly, while at the gym I resounded.

Please. Thank you. I appreciate you. Nice work. Good job. I care. Thanks. Let me help you with that.

At 6: a.m in the gym I figured it out…..How to relate to the Millennials. Image

These words transcend generations. The great generation, boomers, X & Y gens.

Do Millennial’s care if I say groovy, rad, peachy keen or cool, if I show them I care? Will they be offended if I say, “Thanks for doing that. You are so cool?”  They’ll know I am older, but they’ll also realize that I care. It was a great revelation for me so I thought I would share it!

And if you don’t use those words every day…. You “totally” suck.