Tiepo Is My Middle Name

ImageYes, Typo’s are my specialty. Many are amused by it, some even concerned. But as I publish my first Blog with the new software, on our new website, I started thinking about my weaknesses.  I am sure we all do that from time to time and get somewhat negative about our self image. Yes, it happens to even Sean, Mr Positive.

But I started thinking about all the people I am surrounded by who have unbelievable strengths. Those front line associates who take care of our guests with passion. The leaders who work tirelessly to support their teams and each other.  The senior leaders who always have my back (and correct my Typo’s) Owners who use their resources to provide careers for each of us.

I look at the team we have been able to assemble and ask myself…. Do typo’s define me as a leader?  Or should I focus on all the good things we have, our strengths?

So as each of us recover from a very busy year, lets focus on our own strengths and the strengths of those around us.  Lets believe in each other, for we have many varying strengths!  I am proud of what this 500 person family has been able to accomplish with all their strengths and weaknesses.

As we talk with each other next week,  lets  focus and praise the strengths.

Tank yuo!