Hospitality is an exciting career with many different types of job options available. The one area that is consistent is the desire to serve others. From guests staying in our hotels to our fellow associates, a willingness to put others first is most important. This is what makes Maine Course different and what makes us successful.

Richard, a recently hired associate at Maine Course, summed it up this way. “I worked part time for many years at another hotel company. I always felt like I worked for them. At Maine Course it’s much different; I’m an important part of the team. I make a difference, and I’m appreciated for who I am not just the work I do.”

Steve, a long-term associate said, “ I appreciate the personal touch Maine Course provides. I like that we are all in this together to take care of our guests.”

Maine Course is committed to making each guest have a great experience.  If your desire is to be part of this effort, let’s talk.