Giving: Transcending Culture, Race and Religion!

Please allow me to share an inspirational story from one of our hotels. I just had to share it!

We filled a basket with a turkey and all the trimmings for a fine holiday dinner.


One of our international associates won the basket.  She has many children, one in the hospital, travels an hour to the hotel, and truly could use a basket of food. When she came forward, she offered to share it with everyone. We all declined and wanted her to take the basket. Then, she turned to another associate and gave her the whole basket!! Tears all around and a true spirit of family. 

In this crazy political environment we live in, it’s beautiful to see that the Christmas spirit transcends cultures, religions, races and economic stature! This story makes me proud of our associates from all around the world. Whatever special days you celebrate or choose not to celebrate, the spirit of giving is so important.

Thank you for being part of the Maine Course family and sharing our values!