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Everyone at Maine Course works hard and often times, things seem overwhelming. Yes, even for Sean, Mr. Positive. Personal issues, Life changing events, sickness, aging, whatever the issues are, its important to fall back on our Values.  Respect, Integrity, Family and yes…. Fun.   So lets have some fun here. You may want to first click here and play Bruno Mars 24K Magic. It will set the Stage for MCMagic seen below.

I hope you will take a break from your hard work, troubles and enjoy what some Maine Course Family members put together for you.

We have something Magical here at Maine Course

Ladies and Gentleman…. Maine Course Magic (Click here)IMG_3420


Sean Riley#MaineCourseFun #MCFun
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Inspired by others

I recently visited one of our hotels and was talking to the GM. She said how cool it was to be outside cleaning cars off with her associates.  I was talking to another who said she keeps her snow pants handy so she can either shovel paths to guest cars or clear off cars.  I have heard Kevin tell the story of one of his GMs who would do that in hopes of inspiring his team to do the same. Kevin, as a bellman, only took three days of watching his boss to realize he, too, should do it as well.  But that example has stayed with I’m for life and he tells hundreds of people per year.  I was inspired by these great people today!

img_1907So on my way to work on this blustery Saturday I thought I too, could  put this feeling of inspiration to work.  So I stopped at our Freeport Hampton, near my office, to clean off a few cars.  I went in half way through to warm up and saw lots of associates who were surprised and smiling.  One told me “Oh Yea, Gordon did that the last storm.”  I became even more inspired and enjoyed seeing guests come out to a clean car.

I drove off feeling thankful for the leaders and associates who set the pace and make the Maine Course experience special.  In fact I could tell another dozen sores of leaders and associates who do this on a regular basis.

Thank you all for inspiring me, the guy who is supposed to inspire you.  We do have a very special group of people.

Sean RileyInspired by others
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Fun Makes the Tedious Bearable

We live and breath our values at Maine Course. In understanding and articulating the Maine Course Values, it was determined that fun needed to be included along with family, respect and integrity.  “Fun makes the tedious bearable,” quote by Sean Riley.

Why is that so important? Studies show that laughter is contagious and binds people together.  It releases endorphins that improve the immune system, reduce pain and protect us from stress. Having FUN while at work sounds like it provides the same benefits as working out. So let’s do it!  Let’s all 500 MCHG Associates have fun today and make someone else smile while improving our health at the same time.

If the CEO of a company can wear a pink coat and dance all over Portland with some GM’s, you can do it to.

Enjoy “Maine Course Funk.”

Sean RileyFun Makes the Tedious Bearable
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