It’s More Than a Hotel

I was talking to Rich, the Night Auditor on his first shift at the new TownePlace Suites in Bangor, Maine. He said, “I worked at a hotel for almost 20 years. I mean I worked for the “Hotel!” On my first day at this new hotel, I felt differently. I worked with MCHG.”

Rich hit the nail on the head. MCHG is something special. Its family. Its people who feel part of something bigger! Rich…. Thank you for putting it all into perspective for me! My goal is to keep your feeling alive no mater how much we grow.

The Picture above is Rich amongst the many flowers sent from MCHG Family members from other hotels and Corporate office on Opening day!


The other picture is of the newest members of the MCHG Family.

The Culture at MCHG never ceases to amaze Marriott and Hilton Executives. I just need to keep reminding myself…. Its the Culture Stupid!

Thanks to all MCHG leaders ad associates for keeping the culture alive!