Its Like Riding a Bike

I won’t go into the entire sermon I heard at church this morning, but there was an analogy that hit me between the eyes.

Does anyone remember learning to ride a bike or teaching someone to ride one?  If so you remember the feeling of fear and apprehension. But I also remember trusting my father to be there for me, cheering me on and catching me if I was going to fall.

Does anyone remember learning to swim or teaching someone? I do.. Same thing. My father was there beside me making sure I was safe, but also pushing me to learn.

Now compare these to our fear of failing. That fear of letting someone down.  It is just as real as the fear of crashing the bike or drowning.  But my father was there to lift me up off the ground and help me try again. I did learn to ride a bike and swim, because my father put his arm around me and told me to get back up and he’d be right there with me.

Isn’t this the same thing we should do for each other when someone is struggling? In life or at work?  What each of us needs is someone who tells us we CAN, someone who loves us unconditionally.  Put your arm on a coworkers shoulder and say you support them in their time of need. Pick someone up after they failed a given task. Stand by your team member who is struggling at home and needs a hug.  This can be the same for leaders and their teams, as well for associates being there for their leaders.

Its just like riding a bike.