“Independence” Day

On  my walk this beautiful Independence Day I decided to sit and think. Ya never know what I might come up with when I do that.  But it was so beautiful by the water and it was a holiday.

As I thought about what Independence Day meant to me. I felt grateful I lived in a place where I was allowed to be free and seek independence if I chose.  But then I saw a crew team go by in a scull. What an amazing thing to watch. All men and woman were working together and it was beautiful the way the oars went into and out of the water.  All the while there was a leader cheering them on.

FullSizeRenderI reflected on my early years of wanting independence as a young professional.  I didn’t need my parents or anybody to open any doors for me or help me out. I was independent.  But as I matured I realized that my independence was a mind set. That I did not need to do things by myself. Being part of a team or family is a choice, as is independence.  The best teams and families are the ones that allow us to keep our independence yet be surrounded by people that care.

I see Maine Course as that Team (Family).

I suggest you all reflect on those important to you today, as well as those who have given us opportunities.

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me understand the importance of Both!