Customer Service Is Like Pulling Teeth!

That heading may not sound good coming from a hotel guy. But let me explain. I have a new dentist. I walk into the office and the receptionist jumps out of her seat to welcome me. Huh!

She welcomes me back. Huh!

She reminds me that there are cookies and coffee in the waiting room. Huh! Oh yea, bottled water and espresso, too. Starting to feel like I am in the wrong place.

The dental assistant comes out and gives me a firm handshake and says welcome back Sean. Can I take your coat? What is this all about????

She offers me me a warm neck wrap…. Wake me up!

Hands me the remote to the TV above my dental chair. Here in lies my only complaint…. The TV is on MSNBC, not FOX News. But I’ll bet they probably will remember that next time!

I talk to Dr. Nelson about his interesting concrete sidewalk. He emails me with the info about who did it for him. Huh!

The accounting person already had my account up on her screen when I return to the desk and she had suggestion on how to schedule things based on my insurance.

So if customer service is like pulling teeth? This is Perfection. I only hope we can do as much or more at MCHG hotels.

Thank you Dr. Nelson and Perfect Smile of Falmouth for a great lesson in Customer Service!