All Laborer’s Day

Labor Day has different meanings for different people. Those of us in the hospitality business see it as the end of a hard summer; as a weekend to work short-staffed because kids have gone back to school; as another workday.  For me, I think about all the “labors of love” that so many of you accomplish. Every aspect of our business needs people with different skills.  Someone to make the beds, wash the dishes, answer the phone, fix what’s broken, and yes, keep track of all the paperwork necessary to survive in the world of business.

Today, I reflect on the diversity of all the “laborers” at Maine Course among our 500+ Associates and say thank you. The same thanks goes to you no matter what position you hold. We want every one of you to be successful.

Family is one of the Maine Course values. We define it further as people united by shared values. 

Thank you for being part of the Maine Course family and for giving of yourselves – to each other and to our guests!

Labors of Love

Gary Beth ofice Francois Van 2