Tim Prosser

General Manager, Rockland Harbor Hotel, Rockland, ME

In hospitality, nice guys do finish first.

Tim Prosser

As I grew up, my father taught me about kindness and humor, keeping it simple, and the importance of leaving the world a better place. He also taught me about discipline and selflessness. When I first started working on a hotel front desk I found that I genuinely cared about making the guests happy.

I was once told “you’re too nice to be a good manager,” but I just kept going with my instincts and good intentions — with both guests and staff — and I’ve had good results.

Becoming a member of the Maine Course Hospitality Group is like coming home. Their leadership and guest interaction philosophies — doing what’s right and what works best — match my own. Outside of work I enjoy biking, boating, hiking, golf, and exploring nature with my Scottish terrier, and the Rockland area is a natural fit. I’m eager to live and work in the mid-coast region and discover all that it has to offer.