Photo of Nate, at the entrance of the Waterville Hampton Inn

Nate Blair

General Manager, Hampton Inn, Waterville, ME

Use your individual strengths to help your team.

Photo of Nate--thumbs up!
Photo of silhouette of Nate's dog
Photo of Nate with race friends
Photo of Nate's dog

I went to Thomas College and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. After graduating I had limited prospects because the economy was in horrible shape. Little did I know that a random “Help Wanted on the Front Desk” sign at the Hampton Inn in Waterville would lead me to where I am today.

The most important benefit of being a part of Maine Course Hospitality Group is their dedication to their associates. The support has been amazing.

I love music and going to concerts. (Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band are my favorites.) I also love camping, fishing and hiking. I’m fortunate to have the staff that I do. I’m able to do all these things because they can handle the ship without its captain when I’m away.