Kevin Pagnano

Corporate Director of Operations, Sales and Revenue

’Ive always been fascinated by what’s possible beyond what’s already been accomplished.

I like to think of myself as a “Mainer” even though I was born in Massachusetts. At the age of 11, I moved out of the suburbs of Boston to an old, rural farm in Union, Maine. With 120 Acres to explore, I found a love for the outdoors and spent hours hunting and fishing.

As the middle child of five, I understood early the importance of being the teacher as well as the student. This continues today with my passion for leading sales and hospitality-related classes and learning from great leaders.

Some of my greatest rewards are the relationships I’ve built and the friends I have made in the hospitality industry.

Adopting two children from Ukraine was a turning point in my life. Shortly after returning from Ukraine, my wife learned she was pregnant, and two children quickly became three. Having children changes most of us, but having three children in one year will definitely reset your orbit.

After moving five times in nine years, my wife Donna and I looked for a place to call home, and Maine Course was the place. The perfect fit.

My parents fostered my drive to succeed. My mother never accepted “can’t do it”, and my father’s academic and professional achievements did not allow much tolerance for poor effort. This drive helps me succeed personally, and also helps to encourage the best from the people I work with.