Chris Barstow

General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites, Thomaston, ME

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Chris Barstow and son
Chris Barstow and Wife

I am a sports fan. In addition to playing and watching sports, I also umpire college and high school baseball, referee high school basketball and football, and volunteer as a youth coach for my children’s’ teams.

From my officiating experience, I have learned how to work with people and enforce rules fairly and professionally. These skills are also applicable to my career as a hotelier. In both cases, I need to be able to teach and communicate well with my team. I also need to make quick decisions as challenging situations arise… whether at the hotel or on the field.

My goal to do the best I can at whatever I attempt drives me personally and professionally. I never want to regret that I didn’t put my best foot forward. I strive to live with purpose and work with an effort that both my family and I can take pride in.