Hotel Goes Green in the Town of The Big Green

For Immediate Release

Hanover, NH January 8, 2011 —Six South Street Hotel has just fired up its new heating system. The new hotel will use “geothermal” energy to heat and cool the hotel. Sean Riley, Chief Operating Officer of parent company Maine Course Hospitality Group explains; “We have become environmental leaders at many of our hotels throughout New England. This will be the biggest step we have taken thus far.”

Geothermal is a method of using the heat stored in groundwater. Four 1,500 foot deep wells surround the hotel, all of which are connected to a series of pumps and an elaborate control system. The groundwater is routed through heat exchangers, which capture energy from the groundwater, and transfer that energy to an internal heating/cooling water supply loop. The internal water loop delivers energy to high efficiency heat pumps, which heat and cool the spaces within the building. By avoiding fossil fuels as a heating source, geothermal energy provides an energy source that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

“Engineers estimate significant savings in the range of 40% in Electric versus our typical hotel electric heat and air conditioning units. The system is more expensive, but we believe the cost savings and environmental savings will be well worth it,” Riley explains. In addition to these savings, the hotel will use energy efficient equipment, compact florescent lighting and an Ozone laundry system. The Ozone equipment uses only cold water and reduces the number of cycles, while saving electricity and water.

Six South Street Hotel, with its 69 rooms, is expected to open Early 2011. This Uptown hotel in Downtown Hanover is just 2 blocks from Dartmouth Green and The Hop. This boutique style
hotel features a restaurant and lounge, library with media booths, high speed wireless internet, valet parking, 37 inch HD TV’s and a rather edgy design. There are also 10 restaurants within walking distance to the hotel.

The Freeport-based Maine Course Hospitality Group ( also owns and operates hotels and restaurants throughout New England under such brands as Marriott International, Hilton Hotels and Best Western. MCHG added two new hotels in New Hampshire last year; The Fairfield Inn & Suites in Exeter and the TownePlace Suites in Gilford.

The hotel is slated to open in early to mid-February and is taking reservation online at

Sean Riley
207-865-6105 Ext 105