Mustard Seeds and Values

I heard the priest in church talking about a mustard seed. The smallest of all seeds! But when nurtured it grows into a huge tree.Image result for mustard seed and bush

I may have missed his point, but it got me thinking about the MCHG Purpose and Values.  I had the honor of sharing these at a state industry event with business leaders and scholarship recipients.  They heard about all of you and values we have.  This week I am going to Texas to share it with another hotel company who heard about us and our culture.  They want to learn more! What an honor it is to talk about our Purpose and Values.

Back to the mustard seed……..  We were a small hotel company, with one hotel years ago. Driven by our culture and beliefs, we have grown to over 700 associates.  Our purpose is the same:      “To Positively Impact Lives.”  Speaking to people about our beliefs, impacts lives and helps others do the same. What an exciting thing to be part of!!!!

So lets have all 700 people in our company Positively impact someones life today, tomorrow and all week. That would be 3500 people whose lives we impacted but us.

Thank yo for helping build what we have. Keep it alive!

I shared “This is Me.”  Thank you to all those who helped with this production!

This is ME Click to play


Sean RileyMustard Seeds and Values
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Back to Sean and Typos

thank you notesI used to have a coworker who laughed at me for my typos. I often typed “tanks” vs thanks. But after reading my Father’s Day book, I realized it wasn’t about the spelling. It was about saying “tanks.”

When was the last time you received a personal note from your boss at work? Better yet, at home! A note of encouragement or condolences from a coworker? I am thinking it may have been a while. Yes, texts, Facebook posts, emails…. all are OK. But going to the mailbox and seeing a handwritten note that someone personally wrote, it is heartwarming!

So let me challenge my friends at Maine Course. Make a point to send a note to someone who has “positively impacted your life”Perhaps it’s to someone who works for you or by your side. Maybe it’s your boss. Then send one to someone else who impacted your life.

If 600 members of our Maine Course family do this, we will positively impact lives more than we will ever know. Take a minute and do it now. I also promise to continue to do it.  Word on the street is it takes people 30 minutes to figure out what my notes say with my handwriting.  But remember, its about the “tanks”!


Sean RileyTanks….
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Fun Makes the Tedious Bearable

We live and breath our values at Maine Course. In understanding and articulating the Maine Course Values, it was determined that fun needed to be included along with family, respect and integrity.  “Fun makes the tedious bearable,” quote by Sean Riley.

Why is that so important? Studies show that laughter is contagious and binds people together.  It releases endorphins that improve the immune system, reduce pain and protect us from stress. Having FUN while at work sounds like it provides the same benefits as working out. So let’s do it!  Let’s all 500 MCHG Associates have fun today and make someone else smile while improving our health at the same time.

If the CEO of a company can wear a pink coat and dance all over Portland with some GM’s, you can do it to.

Enjoy “Maine Course Funk.”

Sean RileyFun Makes the Tedious Bearable
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Words to show you are not a Millennial….

Image 3                    
I retweeted an article this morning called: “8 words that totally reveal you are not a millennial.” (as if these pictures don’t give it away!)

Image 4They were… totally, bummer, sweet, downer, cool, right, awesome, bonus.  Now I am totally guilty of this and realize I am not cool. What a bummer!  But I did get a response from one of my leaders who asked what words we are supposed to use.  Quickly, while at the gym I resounded.

Please. Thank you. I appreciate you. Nice work. Good job. I care. Thanks. Let me help you with that.

At 6: a.m in the gym I figured it out…..How to relate to the Millennials. Image

These words transcend generations. The great generation, boomers, X & Y gens.

Do Millennial’s care if I say groovy, rad, peachy keen or cool, if I show them I care? Will they be offended if I say, “Thanks for doing that. You are so cool?”  They’ll know I am older, but they’ll also realize that I care. It was a great revelation for me so I thought I would share it!

And if you don’t use those words every day…. You “totally” suck.

Sean RileyWords to show you are not a Millennial….
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