Dayna Riley

Be the Sponge

I started my Career in the Hospitality business as the “kid”, a sponge looking to absorb all I could.  Suddenly I find myself being referred to as the “old guard”, and wondering when and how did that happen?

I started out constantly looking for ways to surround myself with leaders who were willing to share their individual expertise.

I still am a sponge looking to absorb from people who have greater experience and knowledge than I do, but now I get to wring out my sponge every now and then, and shower the new “kid”. It never ceases to amaze me when people seek out my advice but remain honored to share what I have.

I would be remiss not to add a huge Thank You to the many people who have helped me get to this point in my life. As I get older, many of my mentors have retired or sadly passed on. I miss their camaraderie deeply.

So now I would like to shower you with a little life advice – be a sponge, seek out ways to be with those who have much to offer in both on professional and personal levels. Mostly don’t wait to thank those who help you along the way.

It’s a practice you will never live to regret.

Dayna RileyBe the Sponge
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Heart of Homewood Award

Kim Dennis GM of the Scarborough Homewood Suites was the recipient of the prestigious Heart of Homewood Award, only the second one to ever be awarded.  Rick Collings, Global Brand Leader, and Joe Fransciso, Director of Homewood Suites Brand were present to honor Kim and her team.

The Award reads:

Dear Kim

Everyday, somewhere across our portfolio, members offer Homewood Suites Family remind us through their actions of amazing people who are the Heart of the brand.

Remarkable as they may be, there are those whose professionalism and grace stand above the rest, truly demonstrating the best of us.

You, as General Manager of the Homewood Suites Portland, ME, deserve such recognition.

On behalf of the Homewood Suites brand, it is my honor to convey the heartfelt gratitude we feel, and the special recognition you deserve, by way of this certificate.

Congratulations Kim!



Dayna RileyHeart of Homewood Award
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