Danielle Higgins

Danielle Higgins

General Manager

Positively impact the world starting first with our children because they are our future.

Photo of Fenway Park
Photo of Danielle’s family on the beach
Photo of Collage of Danielle’s family’s trip to NYC
Photo of the Alamo from Danielle’s family trip

My mother had the biggest impact on my life. As a single mother of three, she provided everything we needed while attending night school and working menial jobs she may have hated, though never showed it.

She taught me about hard work and endurance, which has served me well throughout my life. These values direct my decisions today as a mother, wife, and leader. They are an intrinsic part of me and come through in every interaction I have.

Whether at work or in my personal life, knowing the difference between right and wrong, being an ethical person, being humble and kind are important. Maine Course Hospitality Group shares these same values of family and integrity, and that is what makes them the perfect fit for me!

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